The passion to find the beauty of sounds

The passion to find the beauty of sounds of the artist Luu Hong Quang

When the warm spring sunshine comes to the door, and the vitality of nature rises on the green trees, it is also the time in the distant country of Australia, the heart of young artist Luu Hong Quang seems to be energized to speak out, and the piano resounds with new energy and excitement. For the young artist, his love for music is like a source that has never been exhausted. Exploring the world of music is happiness, pride, and responsibility that he is deeply aware to bring classical music closer to the audience.

Composer L.V. Beethoven once said, "Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy." Music is not only an ambassador of beauty; music is also a treasure store of great minds' knowledge. Each work contains artistic ideas and preserves historical, cultural, and social values ​​of the times. It takes one year, sometimes many years, to complete a work for emotions to be distilled through experiences of ups and downs, even challenges of the times. In music's shimmering and deep nuances, the human soul is comprehended and imbued with human values ​​to become more beautiful and sensitive. The aesthetic vision will therefore be grown to a new standard. The notes that contain sincere emotions are the fire that warms people's hearts.

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."

It takes a process of deepening, researching, and practicing for the artist to convey all the author's thoughts and feelings. Music is the most intimate form of human expression. Each work represents a different message that the artist who wants to understand thoroughly has to find the author's inspiration to write the work. Sometimes work needs to be reflected in the overview of the author's life, composing circumstances, and the general context of the times to see all the hidden meanings and contents behind the musical notes. Only by deeply understanding, the sound of the piano might contain the person's emotions who composed the work. To achieve the form of profound expression, the artist does not only take time and effort to practice on the piano but also takes hours of struggling to find out the origin of the work through valuable documents so that the artist can rebuild for himself the most genuine and accurate emotional experience of the music. It is true that that to compose valuable works, the author sometimes has to trade with the storms in his life. Therefore, learning deeply about the works is both the responsibility and the honor of the artists. It was an arduous but happy decoding journey.

Music expresses the human most profound feeling

Robert Alexander Schumann, the famous German composer and music critic, one of the most famous romantic composers of the 19th century, once said: "Bringing light into the darkness of the human heart, it is obligations of the artist." In Luu Hong Quang's mind, the journey to find the beauty of sounds to bring music light to the audience is an obligation and a burning desire and passion. That journey is not always a path of roses but a quiet effort to conquer the challenges behind his successes. It has been a long journey in both geographical meanings when his learning path is along different continents. It is also a journey of transformation in the soul when the artist discovers the beauty of classical music; his ego is deeply enlightened, talks with himself, and overcomes limits every day. Giving love to music also means sacrificing the other material needs of ordinary life so that Luu Hong Quang burns himself for art to let every note resound in the holy sweat filled with emotions, artist's heart, and soul.

The audience must remember the concert named "Ode to Joy," where pianist Luu Hong Quang and pianist Luu Duc Anh duet performed the 9th symphony of composer L.V. Beethoven in early 2020, Hanoi. The great composer, who inspires great living, wrote this piece when his ears were completely deaf. His life was occupied by misery, poverty, loneliness, and disease, all the most unhappiness for a human being. However, despite all those complicated challenges, the immortal tunes of the 9th symphony still soar as an affirmation of the undying winning spirit. From the ghastly gloom of the night, the melody is led gracefully into a powerful and intense tone with notes bursting with the energy of a terrible cosmic war. Then when the storm has been gone away, the triumphant victory was sung in extreme joy with melodies filled with happiness. The audience immersed and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the shimmering sound world in the grand symphony. Many years of preparation of the artists Luu Hong Quang and Luu Duc Anh ended beautifully with a meaningful concert to celebrate the 250th birthday of L.V. Beethoven. Performance techniques are thoroughly studied and practiced. The artistic aspect and the content of the work are also deeply analyzed to reach the most sublime human emotions. The extraordinary performance of the two artists left an unforgettable impression in an emotional performance.

Music lights up the belief in victory.

A common point in Luu Hong Quang's performance is the difficulty in performing technical requirements. One example is Sonata No3, which is full of energy and lyrical and profound by L.V. Beethoven. The work is structured by a complex combination of complicated techniques in piano performance, such as the demanding transposition technique followed by the skillful technique of hand movement and arm rotation, the technique of running inverted chords. With high speed and masterful control required, double note running with fast, powerful notes and explosive energy, especially chords and intermittent octave, is one of the challenging techniques often found in L.V. Beethoven's compositions. Luu Hong Quang always performs these technically challenging works in a strangely relaxed state of mind. That poetry seems to be emanating from the beauty inside the work combined with the beauty in the artist's soul, gently guiding and moving the hearts of the music audience.

Luu Hong Quang's music is unobtrusive but rich in empathy in lyrical melodies. It gives people a source of positive energy and good thinking. It is imbued with warmth and sincerity in which we can find sharing, closeness, and unconsciously the soul is led to higher and more beautiful levels of understanding. Each sound is played by the artist's hands, seems shimmering and magical. It illuminates and warms people's hearts so that they can step out of the darkness and receive the light of joy and happiness.

Empathy in music warms people's hearts.

Every time on stage, the audience often sees a very different Luu Hong Quang. He was more sublimated and seemed to escape from the real world to integrate his soul into the magical world of sound. The resonance between the concert space and the watchful eyes of thousands of audiences seem to blow a source of energy for his sound to soar magically. For him, the moments of sublimation with music are the happiest moments in his life.

The more he learns, explores, and immerses himself in the beauty of the music, the more Luu Hong Quang puts himself in a humble and small position. He often compares himself to just a bridge that brings audiences to the music world with noble values. In early 2021, Luu Hong Quang actualized the dream he had cherished since he was a student when he played Concerto in A minor by German composer Schumann with the Woollarah philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Warwick Tyrell in Australia. Schumann's romantic, passionate and vibrating melodies help him feel more deeply than ever his love for music. Music is the fire that enlightens his soul to overcome the challenges ahead, to contribute more.

Luu Hong Quang's passion for finding the beauty of music is challenging but happy. That journey will have many ups and downs, but the burning energy within his heart and the music itself has given him limitless inspiration, motivating him to be more passionate about discovering new things. On the occasion of his birthday, we wish the artist Luu Hong Quang to continue to conquer new successes.

Editor Chau Anh