The Award Ceremony of the 3rd Euregio Piano Award International Piano Competition in Geilenkirchen, Germany

The Award Ceremony of the 3rd Euregio Piano Award International Piano Competition in Geilenkirchen, Germany

The 2015 Summer Piano Festival ended with the 3rd Euregio Piano Award International Piano Competition in Geilenkirchen, Germany. Like in the opening ceremony, the award ceremony was attended by the Sparkasse Heinsberg city committee representatives. In the opening speech, Mr. Florian Koltun thanked the sponsors, the Department of Culture, and the jury members who have worked with great names from Russia, Poland, Japan, Israel, and Spain.

German newspaper about the award ceremony of the 3rd Euregio Piano Award

“These days, we seem to have aged five years, but we have also gained five years of valuable experience.” An attractive sharing from Mr. Florian Koltun wants to show that the jury members were under much pressure, and they worked moderately last week. The award ceremony of the 3rd Euregio Piano Award international piano competition began with the awards for the contestants in Group A (under 13 years old). In this category, a few more awards were given out.

The third prize went to contestant Pavel-Theodor from Bulgaria and contestant Nanako Mitsubori from Japan. The second prize went to Asian contestants Hanshi and Shiyao from China and contestants Lisa Hakura from Japan. Certificates were awarded to contestant Kejsi Rrustja from Albania and contestant Levin Zou from China.

The first prize went to a 12-year-old contestant from Denmark, Rune Leicht Lund, who performed the first part of Beethoven's Sonata No. 10, bringing a dramatic and passionate atmosphere to the audience.

The organizers and contestants of the 3rd Euregio Piano Award

In Group B (competitors aged 14 to 17 years old), the jury decided not to award the third prize but to have two-second prizes: contestant Josefa Schmidt from Germany and contestant Boyao from China. For the first prize, after careful consideration, the jury decided that there will be two contestants with the same first prize, Alexander Monet and Zeyue (China). Both contestants showed their talents: Monet performed the 4th version of "Fanfares" by composer Georgy Ligeti. The girl has mastered the fast and complex melody of the work; an excellent performance performed smoothly and skillfully. Contestant Zeyue then made a strong impression with the work "Rondo" of Dimitri composer, which shows sad and painful features with two profound songs.

The jury announced the results of the 3rd Euregio Piano Award

In Group C, a semi-professional level requires candidates aged 18 and over, but some amateur candidates are still participating. The certificate belongs to contestant Jekatarina from Russia, contestant Kai Hu from China, contestant Yury from Ukraine, contestant Jeremias from Germany, and contestant Geon il Seo from Korea. 3rd prize went to contestant Ying Lian from China, the second prize went to contestant Mayu from Japan, and contestant Bommal Kim from Korea. Unfortunately, the winner of this category, Japanese contestant Megu Yoshida was not present due to a sudden illness.

Talent shining

Here, all three award winners demonstrated their excellent performance to the audiences. Firstly, Ayaka from Japan (3rd prize) performed "Le jeu des Contraires" by Henri Dutilleux, who died in 2013. Here, the audience can enjoy modern music from the title to the structure of the work and the musical resonance it brings.

Music shining

After the break time, contestant Luu Hong Quang from Vietnam was named the second prize winner. He chose the composition "Valeen d'Obermann" by Franz Liszt composer, a deep, profound piece of music with meaningful messages. Luu Hong Quang has reached an outstanding and harmonious combination of performance technique, facial expression, and impressive performance style.

Winners at the 3rd Euregio Piano Award

Contestant Eliza Ivanova from Russia won the first prize with a purely classical work. With excellent performance, the track immediately impresses the audience. Joseph Haydn's Sonata is a required part of the exam. "A classic is always a required part of the competition," explains Florian Koltun. "one can determine whether a talented pianist will perceive this musical style. Only those who have mastered classical music can understand romantic styles." Ivanova proved her talent with Chopin's "Nocturne," No. 2, No. 27, and she was warmly cheered by the audience.

The 3rd Euregio Piano Award International Piano Competition in Geilenkirchen, Germany

The Romanian folk dance performance closed the evening with much emotion. The audience continues to look forward to the next Summer Camp, which will take place in 2016.

Johannes Gottwald Journalist.